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We are your dedicated job hunters and your best promoter.

With an extended network across Northland, and many close relationships with both large and small businesses throughout the region, we have access to a large number of available roles - many of which are not advertised positions. Looking for the best opportunities? Start with us!

If you are actively seeking new employment Register Your Interest!

At Direction we understand how stressful changing jobs can be and we appreciate your need for a thoroughly professional and sensitive service that is totally confidential.

  • Our team will work alongside you to determine and understand your requirements, skills and expertise. 

  • We will conduct extensive face to face interviews actively listening and (if necessary) guiding you through CV preparation, interview techniques, salary expectations and presentation skills. 

  • We have private and quiet interview rooms to evaluate your systems experience and software knowledge, and to learn your expectations and career drivers.

As Consultants we work alongside the region’s most respected employers and will provide you with detailed job descriptions, company overviews.

  • We will act on your behalf in a professional, confidential and respectful manner.

  • We will not forward your details speculatively to companies prior to meeting with you or without your knowledge.

  • You will know specifically where your details are lodged and all with your consent.

  • Through our confidential discussions we can advise on a targeted and proactive career search highlighting companies that would be interested in your background.

  • Again, your permission is sought and handled confidentially and professionally with detailed feedback.

Regardless of your employment situation, we encourage you to maintain a degree of knowledge about the current job market and the possibilities that it holds for you. Browse our website vacancies list from time to time to stay updated with current open positions.

We make this easy for you; browse our vacancies list from time to time and be sure to check in on our news items regularly. 


Alternatively, you can Register Your Interest or contact any one of our consultants by email for an obligation-free and confidential chat.