Direction Recruitment's Online Skill Testing

Skill Testing

Many organisations have found on-line skill testing of potential candidates and staff significantly beneficial.

With a large range of tests available - they are now considered an essential part of many recruitment campaigns.

How and why we utilise this type of testing is the ability to fast track a candidate and very quickly, return an assessment of their abilities. It is imperative that we recommend the right fit for your organisation. Personality and values also play a role in our assessment.

They can eliminate some of the guesswork often found in hiring decisions. An on-line skills test will weed out unqualified applicants and distinguish the truly talented. As a result, you will be able to define the candidate’s ability and fit within your company.

Benefits of SkillCheck on-line testing

  • In-depth analysis to identify the most relevant candidates

  • Identifies the need for additional training or support

  • Tests can be directly emailed to the candidate with results emailed to the client

  • Can analyse suitability for promotion of internal employees

We can tailor a SkillCheck test to ensure optimum results for specific roles, or industry sectors giving you the security that every candidate that you interview is qualified for the role applied for.

** Additionally, a service often utilised by organisations is SkillCheck testing services for internal purposes. These tests can identify employees that have the ability for advancement within the organisation, or used to identify the need for additional training for valuable staff