About us

About Direction Recruitment

At Direction Recruitment we are driven to providing our employers and job seekers with tailored, positive recruitment solutions throughout the Northland area.

Expect excellence, achieve success

We understand that every individual and each organisation is unique and we take the time to find the best outcome for you, your business and your future success! 

About employers

For our employers, our approach is to understand:

  • Your Business
  • Your Vision
  • Your Strategic Plan

It is this unique awareness which allows us to create individual programs for your recruitment needs, ones which will move with you as your organisation expands or changes.

Direction Recruitment's Director is Paula Kalkhoven. Paula has 20+ years' experience in both the Auckland and Whangarei markets and has worked for some of the largest recruitment firms in the world. Paula's commitment to the company is to provide the highest quality of service possible.

We are dedicated to your success and strive to achieve that with every placement.


"Thank you again for my amazing job and helping me settle here."


"Thank you for your assistance in trying to find employment for me. I will highly recommend your company to others seeking employment, and if I ever find myself in the position of being a jobseeker yet again, I will definitely ask for your assistance."


"Was friendly informative and helpful. Feedback was encouraging and enlightening. Paula and the team have been excellent to work with. The opportunities opened up to me were brilliant and their assistance with gaining full time employment with an excellent employer was second to none. Could not have done it without them."


"Thank you for making me so welcome and comfortable today when I ambled into your office. It was lovely to meet you. You certainly do go the ‘extra mile’ to put people at their ease. I have now crossed my fingers and toes and look forward to some amazing changes in my future. Thank you for helping me on the start of the journey with that warm handshake and welcoming smile."


"Just a quick line to thank you for your time with me. It was the first time I have been to an interview since I have lived here. So I wasn’t sure what to expect. But you made me feel at ease and I quite enjoyed it all."


"Thanks again for putting me up with my new job. It is working out so well for me and fits in perfectly. I'm so happy you encouraged me into coming in for an interview :)  I hope all is well at Direction!"


"Thank you very much for the gifts. That was very thoughtful of you and much appreciated. I’m loving that pen! It has been great working with you. On behalf of the Covid Response Directorate, thank you for the support you have provided to the Northland response to the Covid pandemic. Your contributions and that of the recruits has been invaluable and we simply couldn’t have done it without your or their assistance. We really are indebted to you".


"Dear Stacie, It was lovely to meet you yesterday. I wanted to thank you for making me feel welcome at the office yesterday. Likewise to your Director, Paula, and the Recruitment Consultant. I found my experience in the office with real people real staff so pleasant, very productive and helpful. Thank you for what you do - we need more people with good service like yours here in Aotearoa. As I would say it, "be the change you want to see in the world"."


"Kia Ora Ilse, I can't thank you enough for your outstanding efforts and even more outstanding candidate match"